What I Did Over Winter Break

By Growing Writer, Ellsie Kolb (Student, 6th grade)
  My winter break was full of family traditions. Most of my traditions are simple but they are all important and special.  Both sides of my family carry down traditions. Traditions also are comforting and bring our families together.  Every winter break I look forward to celebrating these wonderful times.

     Some of our traditions are everyday holiday events like baking cookies or going ice skating. We also put together puzzles, watch holiday movies and listen to music. One of my favorite activities around the holidays is playing board games. We have some special traditions that other people might not have, such as going to my grandparent’s house and eating Jello Salad. When we sit down at the table for dinner there are presents in a sleigh. We take turns opening the presents after dinner. All of the gifts have a string and a name on each present. The youngest starts and whatever string they pull is the person that gets to open their gift first. Then that person pulls another string, which leads to another gift. This continues until everyone has their own present.

     Sometimes traditions can have sad moments. Like when you are missing loved ones from far away or those who have died. To honor those who have passed, my family hosts an annual gingerbread party where we decorate cookies. My grandmother used to organize these every year until she died and then my parents took over. Another one that we arrange is inviting my family over on the 23rd of December to celebrate Little Christmas Eve. That was the day of the year my grandfather would bring people together to celebrate the holidays.

     Traditions are a great way to get together and celebrate with your family. They help inspire me to keep each and every tradition alive over time.

Ellsie Kolb, 6th Grade

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