Inspired by Martin Luther King

By Growing Writer, Caitlyn Smith (Student, 8th grade)
     Martin Luther King Jur. was a very inspirational leader. Some examples are how he was able to bring people together, organized and led marches for black rights, and did all of this peacefully proving that peaceful protests can also be effective.

     One of the more memorable marches he led was the march on Washington for jobs and Freedom. This march, he attracted 250,000 people to rally for the civil and economic rights of Black Americans in the nation's capital. This march had All of these people gather around the Lincoln Memorial and had speeches from important civil rights and religious leaders. This is also where he famously gave his I have a dream speech.

     Also one of the things he is famous for is that all of his protests were peaceful and they worked very well. This is incredible because most of the time during peaceful protests, the protesters get hurt very badly. So, they pretty much end up being beaten up and not throwing a single punch. Which shows their amazing self-control and how slow to anger they were.

     All of this just shows how Martin Luther King was an amazing and inspiring leader that we all can look up to. His incredible speeches where he moved thousands of people, his effective protests, and his amazing self-control are just some of the incredible attributes that he had.

Caitlyn Smith, 8th Grade

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