Equity & Justice - Honoring Alexei Navalny

By Growing Writer, Vivia Randall (Student, 7th grade)
Equity and justice are something we need to feel included and welcomed as humans, and today I would like to honor someone who recently passed, who fought for what is right despite the consequences. His name is Alexei Navalny. Alexei was an anti-communist Russian lawyer and was a member of the political party “Russia of the Future.” In oppressive countries, like Russia, speaking against the government will get you in trouble. Navalny became well known for writing about anti-corrupt ideas and speaking out against them as a lawyer. He was arrested many times throughout the past years for his writings, but that didn’t stop him until he passed away. The world needs more people like Alexei. If everyone would do what he did, the world would be a better place and speak out for what’s right even if there are consequences. 

By Viva Randall, 7th grade student.

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