Celebrating Excellence: Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences Awards 2024

Thompson Butz Citizenship Award: Aurelius Thompson

The Thompson Butz Citizenship Award, established in memory of Thompson Butz, is awarded to a graduating eighth grader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, honesty, integrity, and kindness. This year’s recipient, Aurelius Thompson, has been recognized by the faculty for his exceptional character and positive influence within the Barnesville community.

Sue King History Award: Caitlyn Smith

In honor of Sue King, a passionate history teacher at Barnesville for 20 years, the Sue King History Award celebrates a graduating student who has demonstrated a profound understanding and love for history. Caitlyn Smith, the 2024 recipient, exemplifies Mrs. King’s dedication to the subject through her insightful engagement and academic excellence in history.

The Kupferberg Cup: Ailyn Randall

The Kupferberg Cup, commemorating Ann Kupferberg’s 26 years of service as a teacher and Lower School Director, is awarded to a fourth-grade student who personifies “The Barnesville Way.” This year, Ailyn Randall has been honored with the Kupferberg Cup for her adherence to character values such as kindness, perseverance, and responsibility, along with her academic standing and potential for leadership in middle school.

Jaralyn Hough Award: Aurelius Thompson

Named after former Head of School Jaralyn Hough, the Jaralyn Hough Award recognizes a graduating eighth grader for their generosity of spirit, resilience, service to others, and positive attitude. Aurelius Thompson, chosen by his peers, has been awarded this honor for his embodiment of these traits and his significant contributions to the school community.

Board of Directors Writing Award: Nico Cravaritis

The Board of Directors Writing Award acknowledges excellence in writing, particularly through the eighth grade research paper. Nico Cravaritis, who explored the pressing issue of ocean pollution, is the 2024 award winner. Nico’s comprehensive and insightful research paper reflects his deep understanding of this critical environmental challenge and the urgency of addressing it.

Cohen Scholarship for Academic Achievement: Addox Gobin

The Cohen Scholarship for Academic Achievement, a $1,000 annual award, is given to a rising sixth grader who demonstrates exceptional academic performance. Addox Gobin, the 2024 recipient, has been recognized for his outstanding academic achievements and is expected to continue his scholarly excellence throughout middle school.

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